Thai Massage Certification


Thai Massage - Level I  

  • Front Position (feet to face)
  • Introduces the concept of energy lines (SEN) and Yin/Yang
  • Teaches stretches, acupressure points and proper use of body weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet 
  • Emphasizes deep-focused abdominal work (Hara)

The course takes place over 3 days, 8 hour a day.30 hours. 

Investment - $500.00

Thai Massage - Level II Intermediate 

Prerequisite:  Level I

  • This course covers the Side, Back (Prone), and Sitting Positions
  • Advanced yoga like stretching movements
  • Upon completion students will have a substaintial foundation of the major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to perform a comprehensive 1.5 - 3 hour Thai Massage

The course takes place over 3 days, 8 hours a day. 30 hours. 

Investment - $500.00



Thai Foot Reflexology

  • Working with reflex points on the feet which correspinds with each organ and system in the body
  • Emphasis is placed on a hands-on technique used to loosen up and relax the feet as week as to encourage the body to naturally restore its own health balance
  • Learn Thai-style application technique suing a wood stick

The course takes place over 2 days.15 hours. 

Investment - $295.00


Herbal Hot Compress

  • Thai herbs and their use in the Hot Compress – a centruies old that remedy
  • Learn the benefit and properties of over 20 kines of Thai Herbs
  • Techniques for making and applying Thai herbal compressed ball using hot steam in conjunction with Traditional Thai Massage

the course takes place over 2 days. 15 hours.

Investment - $295.00